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This programming language may be used to instruct a computer to perform a task.
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jq is a functional programming language that is oriented towards processing text files or JSON. jq is also the name of a portable executable that compiles and runs jq programs. A Go implementation, gojq, is also available; and jaq implements a large subset of jq in Rust.

jq was originally designed and developed by Stephen Dolan.

jq Modules at

  • assert.jq - module to support assertions
  • bitwise.jq - bit streams, bit arrays, and integers
  • fibonacci.jq - Fibonacci sequence and Fibonacci coding
  • peg.jq - Parsing Expression Grammar foundations
  • polynomials.jq - polynomials as JSON arrays
  • Date.jq - Gregorian calendar from the year 1
  • MRG32k3a.jq - MRG32k3a Combined Recursive Pseudo-Random Number Generator
  • RealSet.jq - Union of finite real intervals




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