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Rosetta Code is a programming chrestomathy site. The idea is to present solutions to the same task in as many different languages as possible, to demonstrate how languages are similar and different, and to aid a person with a grounding in one approach to a problem in learning another. Rosetta Code currently has 1,213 tasks, 418 draft tasks, and is aware of 910 languages, though we do not (and cannot) have solutions to every task in every language.

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Recently-Updated Tasks[edit]

War card game
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Hello world/Text
Ultra useful primes
Start from a main routine
Call an object method
Variable size/Set
Levenshtein distance
Validate International Securities Identification Number
Strip control codes and extended characters from a string
Zeckendorf arithmetic
Fusc sequence

Ways to Contribute[edit]

Village Pump/Suggest a language
Village Pump/Suggest a programming task
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Adding a new programming example
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