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Analysis of Tasks Icon/Unicon Unimplemented

The following summarizes tasks that are not completed for Icon/Unicon on Rosetta Code. Note: This is not dynamically compiled and tasks may have been completed.

My intent is twofold.

  • Encourage more contibution from other by more clearly identifying areas where they can help.
  • Encourage a general discussion (beyond Icon/Unicon) of task classification/sub-classification. (I know that SML may have a huge impact on this once an approach is found).

While I realize that some of the tasks could easily fall into multiple categories, I've tried to pick a (near) best fit.

Also, I've annotated a handful of tasks.

Externals: Operating System feature, Library Method, C calling, etc.

Web, Networking, and OS interface


Functions, Program Control, Language

Concurrent Programming / Multitasking

Object Oriented and Data types

GUI, Graphics, images, Multimedia, and related

Math for Vectors, Matricies, etc

Numerical problems and methods

Basic String, Structure, and data type problems

Applied String, Structure, and data type problems

Permutation, cominations, probability, and randomness

Problems, Puzzles, Games, and Mindbenders

Not Categorized

Analysis of Programming Categories on Rosetta

The following list was manually gleaned from the list of categories (special pages) and annotated. It provides another way of looking at the program groupings. There are a number of discussions on the Rosetta_Code:Village_Pump and in individual tasks about categorization and how to approach it. Use of SMW may change the way in which this is done.

This may also prove useful for editors looking to cleanup categories (e.g. typos).

Broad Categories and Super-Categories

Programming Task Categories

Not Yet Processed/Added/Excluded

   Animation (2 members)
   Checksums (4 members)
   File System Operations (14 members)
   File handling (1 member)
   Financial operations (1 member)
   Games (21 members)
   Integrated Development Environments (15 members)
   Matrices (9 members)
   Matrix (2 members)
   Memory management (1 member)
   Network (1 member)
   Networking and Web Interaction (15 members)
   Parameter passing (2 members)
   Parameter passing/By copy-on-write (1 member)
   Parameter passing/By reference (36 members)
   Parameter passing/By value (46 members)   
   Primary Categories (3 members)
   Prime (1 member)
   Prime Numbers (7 members)
   Primes (1 member)
   Programming language concepts (6 members)
   Randomness (5 members)
   Rational (1 member)
   Rational Arithmetic (6 members)
   Raytracing (3 members)
   Recursion (23 members)
   Selection/Short Circuit/Console Program Basics (8 members)
   Solutions (3 members)
   Solutions by Format (5 members)
   Solutions by Library (189 members)
   Solutions by Programming Language (44 members)
   Solutions by Programming Task (127 members)
   Sorting (7 members)
   Sorting Algorithms (18 members)
   Sound (1 member)
   Speech synthesis (2 members)
   String manipulation (17 members)
   Terminal Control (7 members)
   Terminal control (8 members)
   Text processing (27 members)  
   Mathematical operations (16 members)
   Mathematics (21 members)
   Playing Cards (4 members)