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Note that it is not necessarily the case that this task represents a sensible concept for Rosetta Code, as it may well be promoting an anti-pattern.

As such, this has been specifically determined to be Not A Task and should not be implemented.

This page is left here for historical and informational reasons.

Tasks in Rosetta Code in generally are simple tasks, yet they still lie in a range of complexity spectrum. By sorting tasks in term of its complexity, a new code contributer may find himself more comfortable to submit code in order from simple task to more complex one. An intuitive complexity indicator may be the average number of lines of code for the tasks.

Sort the tasks in Rosetta Code in ascending order of average lines of code. Some issues to be aware of:

  1. It may be difficult to identify a code block from raw html source;
  2. Some languages may provide multiple demonstrations, average should be made per demonstration rather than per language.
  3. Warning: this task may cause heavy traffic load of the site, please be cautious.