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This report (last run Mar 29 2012) is based on the output of Rosetta Code/Find bare lang tags and gives instances of <lang> tags on pages. The results of the run were encouraging: over 98% of the code snippets were marked with language names. C is the worst offender with 64 (about 10%) bare <lang> tags, probably because many of its outputs are coded with <lang> rather than <pre>.

Compared to last year, this represents a serious improvement. There are two dark spots, though: it seems that many new CoffeeScript and Mercury programs have been added which do not have lang tags. These should be fixed!

See Help:Syntax Highlighting for a list of language codes.


1 in 4DOS Batch (100 doors)

1 in Ada (Hofstadter Figure-Figure sequences)

1 in APL (Arithmetic/Complex)

1 in AutoHotkey (Long multiplication)

2 in BBC BASIC (Loops/For, Permutations/Derangements)

2 in Bracmat (Command-line arguments, Integer sequence)

64 in C (Arrays, Atomic updates, Balanced brackets, Best shuffle, Bulls and cows/Player, Constrained random points on a circle, Count in factors, Count the coins, Deconvolution/1D, Deconvolution/2D+, Dinesman's multiple-dwelling problem, Distributed programming, Draw a cuboid, Draw a sphere, Euler method, Evaluate binomial coefficients, Evolutionary algorithm, Exceptions/Catch an exception thrown in a nested call, Execute a Markov algorithm, Fast Fourier transform, Find common directory path, First-class functions, Fork, Huffman coding, Increment a numerical string, Inverted index, Last letter-first letter, Longest string challenge, Map range, Multiplication tables, Multisplit, Partial function application, Pascal's triangle/Puzzle, Permutation test, Power set, Priority queue, Probabilistic choice, Pythagorean triples, QR decomposition, Range extraction, Roots of a quadratic function, S-Expressions, Self-describing numbers, Sorting algorithms/Sleep sort, Sorting algorithms/Strand sort, Stem-and-leaf plot, Strip control codes and extended characters from a string, Sutherland-Hodgman polygon clipping, Ternary logic, Text processing/2, Text processing/Max licenses in use, Thiele's interpolation formula, Topological sort, Truncatable primes, Unbias a random generator, Van der Corput sequence, Variable-length quantity, Vigenère cipher, Write float arrays to a text file, Zig-zag matrix)

12 in C# (Closest-pair problem, Color of a screen pixel, Equilibrium index, Infinity, Inverted index, Non-decimal radices/Input, Numerical integration, Polymorphic copy, Power set, Roots of a quadratic function, Short-circuit evaluation, Stack traces)

50 in CoffeeScript (24 game/Solve, Align columns, Arithmetic/Complex, Averages/Simple moving average, Balanced brackets, Bitwise operations, Case-sensitivity of identifiers, Combinations, Combinations with repetitions, Constrained random points on a circle, Date format, Day of the week, Delegates, Evaluate binomial coefficients, Find the missing permutation, Flatten a list, Forward difference, Huffman coding, Integer sequence, Inverted index, Knight's tour, Knuth's algorithm S, Langton's ant, LZW compression, Multiplication tables, Mutual recursion, Non-continuous subsequences, Nth root, Number names, Numerical integration, One-dimensional cellular automata, Ordered words, Partial function application, Power set, Priority queue, Problem of Apollonius, Queue/Definition, Queue/Usage, Roots of a function, S-Expressions, Sequence of non-squares, Sorting algorithms/Permutation sort, Sorting algorithms/Sleep sort, Spiral matrix, Tree traversal, Truncatable primes, Unbias a random generator, URL decoding, Web scraping, Zig-zag matrix)

18 in Common Lisp (Ackermann function, Best shuffle, Count in factors, Evolutionary algorithm, Hofstadter Figure-Figure sequences, Hofstadter Q sequence, Knuth's algorithm S, Levenshtein distance, Permutation test, Pythagorean triples, Rate counter, Self-referential sequence, Sorting algorithms/Strand sort, Ternary logic, Thiele's interpolation formula, Unbias a random generator, Van der Corput sequence, Vigenère cipher)

1 in Dart (Mandelbrot set)

1 in E (Shell one-liner)

1 in Erlang (Apply a callback to an array)

1 in Euler Math Toolbox (100 doors)

5 in Factor (Inverted index, Mutual recursion, Probabilistic choice, Singly-linked list/Element definition)

9 in Fortran (Combinations, Command-line arguments, Evaluate binomial coefficients, Evolutionary algorithm, Find limit of recursion, Price fraction, Rot-13, Sieve of Eratosthenes)

1 in GAP (Sequence of non-squares)

1 in gnuplot (Greatest common divisor)

2 in Go (Bitmap/Midpoint circle algorithm, JSON)

1 in HicEst (Averages/Median)

24 in J (Address of a variable, Discordian date, First-class functions, First-class functions/Use numbers analogously, Galton box animation, Guess the number, Guess the number/With feedback, Guess the number/With feedback (player), GUI enabling/disabling of controls, JSON, Loops/Nested, Morse code, Narcissist, Numeric error propagation, Permutation test, Pythagorean triples, Quaternion type, Short-circuit evaluation, Sorting algorithms/Bead sort, XML/Output, Yin and yang)

4 in JavaScript (Best shuffle, Catalan numbers, Combinations with repetitions, Count in factors)

1 in K (File IO)

2 in Korn Shell (Bitmap/Bresenham's line algorithm)

2 in Mathematica (Find limit of recursion, Introspection)

9 in Mathprog (Averages/Arithmetic mean, Greatest subsequential sum, Knapsack problem/Continuous, Knight's tour)

22 in Mercury (A+B, Arithmetic/Integer, Command-line arguments, Concurrent computing, Count in octal, Execute a system command, Formatted numeric output, Hello world/Standard error, Input loop, Loop over multiple arrays simultaneously, Loops/Downward for, Loops/For, Mutual recursion, OpenGL, Real constants and functions, SEDOLs, Sort an integer array, String case, String concatenation, Sum of squares, Tokenize a string, Vector products)

2 in MUMPS (Copy a string, Integer comparison)

1 in Nemerle (Short-circuit evaluation)

1 in Octave (Count in factors)

11 in Perl (Box the compass, Extend your language, Factors of a Mersenne number, History variables, Huffman coding, Linear congruential generator, Narcissist, Numeric error propagation, Priority queue, Queue/Usage, Unbias a random generator)

9 in Perl 6 (Concurrent computing, Constrained genericity, Create a two-dimensional array at runtime, Hofstadter-Conway $10,000 sequence, Least common multiple, Logical operations, Morse code, Numerical integration, Queue/Usage)

3 in PHP (Combinations with repetitions, Greatest subsequential sum, Power set)

1 in PicoLisp (Loops/Nested)

28 in PL/I (Array concatenation, Assertions, Averages/Simple moving average, Bitmap/Bresenham's line algorithm, Bitmap/Flood fill, Bitmap/Midpoint circle algorithm, Call a foreign-language function, Closest-pair problem, Compile-time calculation, Create a two-dimensional array at runtime, Evaluate binomial coefficients, Exceptions, Handle a signal, Hofstadter Figure-Figure sequences, Hofstadter Q sequence, Linear congruential generator, Multiplication tables, Parsing/Shunting-yard algorithm, Pascal's triangle, Queue/Usage, Range extraction, Sequence of non-squares, Sorting algorithms/Pancake sort)

18 in PostScript (100 doors, Ackermann function, Arithmetic/Complex, Arrays, Averages/Arithmetic mean, Averages/Pythagorean means, Boolean values, Comments, Flatten a list, Higher-order functions, Mutual recursion, Sequence of non-squares, String length, Sum and product of an array, Sum of a series, Sum of squares)

2 in PowerShell (Find common directory path, Find limit of recursion)

2 in ProDOS (Dynamic variable names, Menu)

5 in Python (History variables, Hofstadter Figure-Figure sequences, Pythagorean triples, Sorting algorithms/Strand sort, Strip control codes and extended characters from a string)

4 in R (Find the missing permutation, Number reversal game)

1 in Retro (Draw a cuboid)

5 in REXX (Ackermann function, Handle a signal, Range extraction, Short-circuit evaluation, Sum of a series)

2 in Scala (Evaluate binomial coefficients, String interpolation (included))

25 in Scheme (Averages/Pythagorean means, Bitmap, Bitwise operations, Collections, Conditional structures, Count in factors, Evaluate binomial coefficients, Function composition, Hofstadter Q sequence, Horner's rule for polynomial evaluation, Interactive programming, Pascal's triangle, Power set, Reduced row echelon form, Sieve of Eratosthenes)

1 in UNIX Shell (Simple database)