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This programming language may be used to instruct a computer to perform a task.
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Red is a paradigm-neutral homoiconic language, strongly inspired by Rebol.

Like Rebol, Red has a low memory footprint, is garbage collected, and has a low disk footprint (< 1MB). But while Rebol is an interpreted language written in ANSI-C, Red seeks to be a "full-stack" language whose methodology is independent of any other toolchain. It compiles that which can be known ahead of time, JIT-compiles that which cannot, and embeds a small interpreter into its executables to handle constructions which are not amenable to any compilation.

Red embeds several DSLs, among which Red/System (C semantics meet Red syntax), dedicated to low-level and system programming. It is also used as an intermediate language (IL) when Red is compiled. The Red executable is able to build Red/System files directly (`*.reds`) as well as Red files (`*.red`), and Red/System code may be embedded freely in Red code.


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