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This programming language may be used to instruct a computer to perform a task.
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Execution method: Interpreted
Garbage collected: Yes
Type safety: Safe
Type strength: Strong
Type expression: Implicit
Type checking: Dynamic
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The Lua (pronounced LOO-ah) programming language is a lightweight, reflective, imperative and procedural language, designed as a scripting language with extensible semantics as a primary goal. The name is derived from the Portuguese word for moon.

Lua is commonly described as a "multi-paradigm" language, providing a small set of general features that can be extended to fit different problem types, rather than providing a more complex and rigid specification to match a single paradigm. Lua, for instance, does not contain explicit support for inheritance, but allows it to be implemented relatively easily with metatables. Similarly, Lua allows programmers to implement namespaces, classes, and other related features using its single table implementation; first class functions allow the employment of many powerful techniques from functional programming; and full lexical scoping allows fine-grained information hiding to enforce the principle of least privilege.

In general, Lua strives to provide flexible meta-features that can be extended as needed, rather than supply a feature-set specific to one programming paradigm. As a result, the base language is light—in fact, the full reference interpreter is only about 150KB compiled—and easily adaptable to a broad range of applications.


Unimplemented programming tasks[edit]

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Lua has 355 unimplemented programming tasks:

 15 puzzle solver
 4-rings or 4-squares puzzle
 9 billion names of God the integer
 AKS test for primes
 Abbreviations, automatic
 Abbreviations, easy
 Abbreviations, simple
 Active Directory/Connect
 Active Directory/Search for a user
 Active object
 Address of a variable
 Aliquot sequence classifications
 Anagrams/Deranged anagrams
 Append a record to the end of a text file
 Apply a digital filter (direct form II transposed)
 Arbitrary-precision integers (included)
 Archimedean spiral
 Arena storage pool
 Arithmetic-geometric mean/Calculate Pi
 Atomic updates
 Average loop length
 Balanced ternary
 Best shuffle
 Bitcoin/address validation
 Bitcoin/public point to address
 Bitmap/Bresenham's line algorithm
 Bitmap/Bézier curves/Cubic
 Bitmap/Bézier curves/Quadratic
 Bitmap/Flood fill
 Bitmap/Midpoint circle algorithm
 Bitmap/PPM conversion through a pipe
 Bitmap/Read an image through a pipe
 Bitwise IO
 Brace expansion
 Break OO privacy
 Bulls and cows/Player
 Call a function in a shared library
 Canny edge detector
 Carmichael 3 strong pseudoprimes
 Casting out nines
 Catmull–Clark subdivision surface
 Chat server
 Check Machin-like formulas
 Checkpoint synchronization
 Chinese zodiac
 Cholesky decomposition
 Church Numerals
 Circles of given radius through two points
 Closest-pair problem
 Color of a screen pixel
 Color quantization
 Colour bars/Display
 Colour pinstripe/Display
 Colour pinstripe/Printer
 Combinations and permutations
 Commatizing numbers
 Compare sorting algorithms' performance
 Compile-time calculation
 Compiler/AST interpreter
 Compiler/code generator
 Compiler/lexical analyzer
 Compiler/syntax analyzer
 Compiler/virtual machine interpreter
 Conjugate transpose
 Constrained genericity
 Constrained random points on a circle
 Continued fraction
 Continued fraction/Arithmetic/Construct from rational number
 Convert decimal number to rational
 Create a file on magnetic tape
 Create an object at a given address
 Cut a rectangle
 Death Star
 Define a primitive data type
 Determine if only one instance is running
 Digital root/Multiplicative digital root
 Dining philosophers
 Discordian date
 Distributed programming
 Doubly-linked list/Definition
 Doubly-linked list/Element definition
 Doubly-linked list/Element insertion
 Doubly-linked list/Traversal
 Draw a cuboid
 Draw a pixel
 Draw a rotating cube
 Dutch national flag problem
 EKG sequence convergence
 Egyptian division
 Egyptian fractions
 Element-wise operations
 Elementary cellular automaton
 Enforced immutability
 Equilibrium index
 Euler's identity
 Extend your language
 Extensible prime generator
 Factors of a Mersenne number
 Find common directory path
 Find largest left truncatable prime in a given base
 Find palindromic numbers in both binary and ternary bases
 Floyd-Warshall algorithm
 Four is magic
 Four is the number of letters in the ...
 Function frequency
 GUI component interaction
 GUI enabling/disabling of controls
 GUI/Maximum window dimensions
 Galton box animation
 Gaussian elimination
 Generate random chess position
 Go Fish
 Greyscale bars/Display
 Handle a signal
 Hash join
 Hello world/Line printer
 Hello world/Web server
 Hickerson series of almost integers
 History variables
 Hofstadter Figure-Figure sequences
 Hofstadter Q sequence
 Horizontal sundial calculations
 Host introspection
 Hough transform
 Hunt The Wumpus
 Image convolution
 Image noise
 Index finite lists of positive integers
 Integer overflow
 Inverted index
 Inverted syntax
 Jaro distance
 Jewels and Stones
 Joystick position
 Julia set
 K-d tree
 K-means++ clustering
 Keyboard input/Flush the keyboard buffer
 Keyboard input/Keypress check
 Keyboard input/Obtain a Y or N response
 Keyboard macros
 Knapsack problem/0-1
 Knapsack problem/Bounded
 Knapsack problem/Continuous
 Knuth's algorithm S
 Knuth's power tree
 Kolakoski sequence
 LU decomposition
 Largest number divisible by its digits
 Last letter-first letter
 Law of cosines - triples
 Long multiplication
 Long primes
 Loops/Increment loop index within loop body
 Loops/Wrong ranges
 Lucas-Lehmer test
 Lucky and even lucky numbers
 Lychrel numbers
 Machine code
 Mad Libs
 Main step of GOST 28147-89
 Maze solving
 Median filter
 Memory allocation
 Memory layout of a data structure
 Metered concurrency
 Miller–Rabin primality test
 Mind boggling card trick
 Minesweeper game
 Modular exponentiation
 Modular inverse
 Mouse position
 Multiple regression
 Multiplicative order
 Natural sorting
 Nautical bell
 Negative base numbers
 Nested templated data
 Non-continuous subsequences
 Nonogram solver
 Numeric error propagation
 OLE Automation
 Object serialization
 Odd word problem
 OpenWebNet Password
 Parallel Brute Force
 Parallel calculations
 Parametric polymorphism
 Parametrized SQL statement
 Parse an IP Address
 Parsing/RPN to infix conversion
 Parsing/Shunting-yard algorithm
 Partition an integer X into N primes
 Pascal's triangle/Puzzle
 Pathological floating point problems
 Pattern matching
 Percentage difference between images
 Percolation/Bond percolation
 Percolation/Mean cluster density
 Percolation/Mean run density
 Percolation/Site percolation
 Permutation test
 Permutations/Rank of a permutation
 Pig the dice game/Player
 Play recorded sounds
 Plot coordinate pairs
 Polymorphic copy
 Polynomial long division
 Polynomial regression
 Pragmatic directives
 Primes - allocate descendants to their ancestors
 Primorial numbers
 Problem of Apollonius
 Pythagoras tree
 Pythagorean quadruples
 Pythagorean triples
 QR decomposition
 RPG Attributes Generator
 RSA code
 Ramer-Douglas-Peucker line simplification
 Random number generator (device)
 Ranking methods
 Rate counter
 Ray-casting algorithm
 Recaman's sequence
 Record sound
 Reflection/Get source
 Reflection/List methods
 Reflection/List properties
 Resistor mesh
 Retrieve and search chat history
 Rosetta Code/Count examples
 Rosetta Code/Find bare lang tags
 Rosetta Code/Rank languages by popularity
 Runge-Kutta method
 SQL-based authentication
 Safe addition
 Sailors, coconuts and a monkey problem
 Same Fringe
 Scope modifiers
 Scope/Function names and labels
 Sequence of primorial primes
 Set consolidation
 Set of real numbers
 Set puzzle
 Shortest common supersequence
 Sierpinski carpet
 Sierpinski pentagon
 Sierpinski triangle
 Simple database
 Simulate input/Keyboard
 Simulate input/Mouse
 Singly-linked list/Element definition
 Singly-linked list/Element insertion
 Singly-linked list/Traversal
 Solve a Hidato puzzle
 Solve a Hopido puzzle
 Solve a Numbrix puzzle
 Solve the no connection puzzle
 Sorting algorithms/Heapsort
 Sorting algorithms/Radix sort
 Sorting algorithms/Strand sort
 Sparkline in unicode
 Speech synthesis
 Spelling of ordinal numbers
 Spinning rod animation/Text
 Square but not cube
 Start from a main routine
 State name puzzle
 Stream Merge
 Subtractive generator
 Sum and Product Puzzle
 Sum to 100
 Superpermutation minimisation
 Taxicab numbers
 Terminal control/Coloured text
 Terminal control/Cursor movement
 Terminal control/Cursor positioning
 Terminal control/Dimensions
 Terminal control/Hiding the cursor
 Terminal control/Inverse video
 Terminal control/Positional read
 Terminal control/Preserve screen
 Terminal control/Unicode output
 Ternary logic
 The ISAAC Cipher
 The Name Game
 Thiele's interpolation formula
 Topic variable
 Topological sort
 Total circles area
 Tree traversal
 Truth table
 Twelve statements
 URL parser
 Ulam spiral (for primes)
 Unicode strings
 Update a configuration file
 Use another language to call a function
 User input/Graphical
 Vampire number
 Variable size/Get
 Variable size/Set
 Variable-length quantity
 Verify distribution uniformity/Chi-squared test
 Verify distribution uniformity/Naive
 Video display modes
 Vigenère cipher/Cryptanalysis
 Visualize a tree
 Vogel's approximation method
 Walk a directory/Recursively
 Water collected between towers
 Window creation/X11
 Window management
 Word search
 World Cup group stage
 Write to Windows event log
 Xiaolin Wu's line algorithm
 Yahoo! search interface
 Yin and yang
 Zebra puzzle
 Zeckendorf arithmetic

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