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The ACTION! Toolkit

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Welcome to the Programmers' Tool Kit (V.3). This diskette contains routines written in ACTION! which extend your ACTION! programming capabilities. The following is a list of the files on the disk, together with a short description of what each file does.

ABS.ACT a routine which will return the absolute value of an INT.

ALLOCATE.ACT routines which allow dynamic runtime memory manipulation.

CHARTEST.ACT routines which perform various tests and functions on characters.

CIRCLE.ACT a circle drawing routine using neither Sine nor Cosine.

CONSOLE.ACT a routine which both debounces the console keys and allows you to tie routines into them.

IO.ACT routines which implement some advanced I/O operations.

JOYSTIX.ACT routines which make interpreting joystick input easier.

PMG.ACT player/missile graphics routines.

PRINTF.ACT an extended version of the ACTION! Library 'PrintF'.

REAL.ACT routines which allow you to use floating point numbers.

SORT.ACT QuickSort for BYTE, CARD, INT, and string data.

TURTLE.ACT an implementation of turtle graphics, ala LOGO.

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