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Phixmonti is a language developed in Phix ( and inspired by Monti ( It is based on the use of a stack for the passage of data between words (the equivalent of traditional procedures) and uses reverse Polish notation, being procedural and imperative. The variables that are created, as well as the stack, have global scope, and there is only one word separator sign: white space.

Since Phix is interpreted, although fast, it does not allow Phixmonti (also an interpreter) to be fast. However, it's useful for making small and, above all, stimulating and fun programs... at least for me (which, after all, is what I wanted it for).

If anyone wants to take a look, in you have the zipped file containing the source code, example programs and an executable version of Phixmonti. No installation is required (the contents of the file are unpacked where you want them and that's it). There is also a short instruction manual (in spanish). The way to use the interpreter is the usual way: from the command line write "Phixmonti <program.pmt> [program arguments]". For example: Phixmonti Fibonacci.pmt.

Anyone who likes to browse through the code will see that it is very easy to extend the features of Phixmonti, so if anyone is encouraged, I'd like you to share your developments.

This programming language may be used to instruct a computer to perform a task.
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