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This is an example of a library. You may see a list of other libraries used on Rosetta Code at Category:Solutions by Library.

Wren-dynamic is a module which generates simple Wren classes at runtime based on various templates. It consists of 5 classes: Enum, Flags, Struct, Tuple and Union.

It is the seventeenth in a series of modules (listed on the language's [main page]) designed to assist with writing Rosetta Code tasks so the same code does not have to be written or copy/pasted time and time again thereby bloating a task's script code unnecessarily.

To use it you need to copy the source code (in the [talk page]) to a text file called dynamic.wren and place this in the same directory as the importing script so the command line interpreter can find it.

Wren-dynamic has a dependency on the Meta module which is an optional part of Wren's standard library.

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