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МК-61 and МК-52 are the most famous and popular Russian programmable calculators. They are the logical culmination of a series of programmable calculators, that started with the Электроника Б3-34. The difference the МК-52 from the MK-61 is that the МК-52 provides additional expansion memory module (512 bytes). The production and use of this series of calculators flourished in the 1980s.

The program memory of this calculators is 105 commands (bytes). They have 15 registers and stack memory of the four basic registers (X, Y, Z, T), and the one additional register (X1 in which to store the result of a previous operation). The calculators uses the bracket-free inverse (postfix) notation and the stack programming language, which contains about 75 statements. This is an extension of a series of languages Б3-21, Б3-34, for which saved the backward compatibility. The flowering of the people interest in this class of machines was in the late 70's - 80's of the last century.

Solutions XXVII CPSU Congress called for the widespread introduction of computer technology in all sectors of the economy. This requires massive development potential users of the features of computer application in view of its economic feasibility. In this task, great importance attaches to programmable calculators, which are the most accessible class of mainframes, high reliability, portability, ease of use and low cost of computer time. Programmable calculators are essential if you want relatively powerful wearable computing environments, and their use is economically feasible in all cases where the solution of the problem using a computer other classes is more expensive. The use of programmable calculators is particularly important when the mass learning the basics of computer science students and professionals, where the value used for the training of computer technology and its operation is paramount.

Many physical problems encountered every day, lead to the solution of a low degree of complexity that decide on a standard calculator long and tedious, and attracting huge computer power is irrational because consuming expensive machine time to solve those problems that really it badly needs. Saving precious time mainframe, freeing man from the heavy burden of a relatively small volume of manual calculations, being small in size and easy to use, programmable calculators allow you to perform calculations for a given program right at your desk researcher. The ease of access to information, ease of debugging, reliable operation in the most unpretentious conditions far exceed even personal computers.

Many of undocumented features of these machines attracted many enthusiasts to it investigation[1][2]. In addition to practical purposes, programming has become a kind of exercise in skill and craftsmanship of the programmers. In September 2012 craftsmen were restored ROM contents К745/145ИК13 series chips, so the ability to use an accurate emulation of these calculators with a PC.




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