From Rosetta Code
Languages I use
Language Proficiency
6502 Assembly Intermediate
C# Advanced
C++ Intermediate
Fennel Intermediate
Go Intermediate
Java Intermediate
JavaScript Expert
Rust Beginner
Uiua Beginner
Uxntal Beginner
Languages I do not like
Languages Reasons
Java It's weird
JavaScript Ditto
Uxntal It scares me

Hullo. This is roxwize speaking.


Tasks implemented in Lua but not in Fennel: 100 doors, 100 prisoners, 15 puzzle game, 15 puzzle solver, 2048, 21 game, 24 game, 24 game/Solve, 4-rings or 4-squares puzzle, 9 billion names of God the integer, 99 bottles of beer, A* search algorithm, A+B, ABC problem, ABC words, AKS test for primes, ASCII art diagram converter, AVL tree, Abbreviations, automatic, Abbreviations, easy, Abbreviations, simple, Abelian sandpile model, Abelian sandpile model/Identity, Abstract type, Abundant odd numbers, Abundant, deficient and perfect number classifications, Accumulator factory, Ackermann function, Active object, Add a variable to a class instance at runtime, Addition chains, Additive primes, Address of a variable, Align columns, Almost prime, Amb, Amicable pairs, Anagrams, Anagrams/Deranged anagrams, Angle difference between two bearings, Angles (geometric), normalization and conversion, Animate a pendulum, Animation, Anonymous recursion, Anti-primes, Append a record to the end of a text file, Append numbers at same position in strings, Apply a callback to an array, Apply a digital filter (direct form II transposed), Approximate equality... further results