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My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Tcl Wrote the book
C Advanced
Java Advanced
UNIX Shell Advanced
Fortran Intermediate
JavaScript Intermediate
LaTeX Intermediate
M4 Intermediate
Perl Intermediate
PostScript Intermediate
Standard ML Intermediate
C++ Beginner
Emacs Lisp Beginner
Lisp Beginner
Modula-3 Beginner
Pascal Beginner
Prolog Beginner
SQL Beginner
XSLT Beginner
Go Utter Beginner
C sharp Read-only
Objective-C Read-only
PHP Read-only
Python Read-only
Ruby Read-only

I'm Donal Fellows, a maintainer of Tcl and member of the Tcl Core Team. I've also got a reasonable amount of experience with Java and C, and I'm fairly familiar with quite a few others. (looks at language box...) OK, a lot of others. (I also know HTML, CSS and XML fairly well, but don't consider them to be programming languages.)

I work at the University of Manchester, where I'm a Senior Software Engineer supporting Research Computing university-wide. My focus is currently on supporting preservation of extremely large datasets in digital libraries, and I'm using Taverna 2 Server to do this (which I wrote).

External links: Ohloh | ORCID

Rosetta Code Projects

  1. Maintenance of the coverage of Tcl and quality of its examples
    1. It is my aim to make sure that Tcl is a participant in every task possible (including the “hard” ones) and that for all others it is clearly marked as not participating. At time of writing, there are only two non-participations...
    2. Every Tcl example must be clear, as short as possible, and informative. They must also be written well (formatting, syntax, grammar, etc.)
  2. General maintenance of pages through wikignoming
  3. Contribution of new tasks. My criteria are that the task should be possible in multiple languages and either part of a set of related tasks or illustrative of a feature that should be widely known of. Currently authored tasks:

Misc. Maintenance Tools

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