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My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
C Beginner
C++ Beginner
Fortran Intermediate
Python Advanced
R Intermediate
VBA Advanced
x86 Assembly Can read

I am a statistician, currently working in the public health sector, in France.

A few words about the languages I currently use:

  • I have used C for years, first with Turbo C++ around 1997, then with GCC, and lately a bit with Visual C++ and Pelles C. However, I never had the motivation to do more than relatively short programs with it, so I still consider myself a beginner. Today I mainly use it for functions I need to speed up in interpreted languages, or together with Fortran.
  • I have a love/hate relationship with C++: while I think TMP is insane, I have used the language on occasions to simplify and speed up C stuff. I'm still not sure I like it.
  • I started with Python around 2002 on a Mac laptop with OS9, and it has been my favorite language since then, for all kinds of task, from discrete and numerical math to utilities. It's also very useful for data cleaning and basic statistics. For more advanced statistics I prefer Stata and R though.
  • I initially learned R in University around 2003, but really got to work with it since 2015. Great for graphics and dynamic web reports (Shiny)
  • I also learned SAS in University around 2003, and use it for work since 2008. Not that I really like it, but it is still useful for some tasks.
  • I am learning Stata since august 2017. Great for statistical models.
  • I have used Excel since Office 97, but I really started with VBA in 2014.

On Rosetta Code, I am using this account since 2017-08-07. I have previously used the following accounts, among others:

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