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Component Pascal
This programming language may be used to instruct a computer to perform a task.
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Component Pascal is a programming language in the tradition of Oberon and Oberon-2, the last language Niklaus Wirth designed before he retired in 1999. It bears the name of the Pascal programming language but is incompatible with it. Instead, it is a minor variant and refinement of Oberon-2, designed and supported by a small ETH Zürich spin-off company called Oberon microsystems. Their IDE is called BlackBox Component Builder. At the time the first version was released (1994) it presented a novel approach to graphical user interface (GUI) construction based on editable forms, where fields and command buttons are linked to exported variables and executable procedures. This approach bears some similarity to the code-behind way used in Microsoft's .NET 3.0 to access code in XAML.



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