ALGOL 68 - Numerical Algorithm Library

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The best way to do "number crunching" in Algol 68 is to link to the GNU Scientific Library. An interface to GSL is built in to ALGOL 68G. However historically Algol 68 also had available the NAG Numerical Libraries.

NAG - Numerical Algorithm Group Library

The chapters in the Algol 68 Mark 3 Library - with Rosettacode equivalents.

Algol 68 Platforms supported CDC 7600/CYBER (CDC ALGOL 68), IBM 360/370/AMDAHL (FLACC ALGOL 68), ICL 1900 (ALGOL 68R), ICL 1906A/S (ALGOL 68R) & ICL 2900(8) (ALGOL 68RS) and Telefunken TR440 (ALGOL 68C)