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C'Dent is an implementation of Perl 6. Other implementations of Perl 6.
C'Dent is an implementation of Python. Other implementations of Python.
C'Dent is an implementation of JavaScript. Other implementations of JavaScript.

C'Dent is a Acmeist programming language for writing portable modules. It defines a common denominator AST model, that can produce equivalent Object Oriented modules in many programming languages, like: Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Scala, Java, C, C++, ActionScript, Perl 6, Python 3000, Go, PIR, and NQP. Its input syntax is a strict subset of a subset of the output languages. Currently: Python, JavaScript and Perl 6.

The main idea behind the language, is that if you write modules in a strict subset of your favorite programming language, the modules can be shipped to many languages' module repositories. TestML and Stardoc are related Acmeist projects for portable unit tests and documentation, respectively.