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This programming language may be used to instruct a computer to perform a task.
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TestML is an Acmeist, data-driven, unit test language/framework. This means that you can write the same software (since it passes the same tests) in multiple programming languages.

The primary purpose of TestML is to write one set of tests, for libraries (think CPAN, RubyGems, PyPI, NPM) that are intended to be ported to (or generated in) more than one programming language.

TestML tests/programs are typically integrated into the testing framework of a given project. However TestML can also be run as a standalone programming language. To install the TestML runner, install this Ruby gem.

TestML originally took inspiration from Ward Cunningham's FIT framework. The idea is that you write one suite of language agnostic tests, and then implement your software in any programming language that has support for the framework. Unlike FIT, TestML is entirely text based (rather than table based), and runs well next to native tests in all the supported languages. In other words, it is better suited for Open Source projects, where FIT was more directly targeted at business/IT software development.

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