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I apologize in advance if there are any grammatical or stylistic errors in the description below, English is not my native language.

Peri is a free, opensource programming language, it is an interpreter.

Peri is an implementation of Peri. Other implementations of Peri.

The source code of Peri is downloadable at this link:

The full documentation of Peri is also available in the downloadable zip package, in English and Hungarian languages, each of them is in a separate .odt doc. There are many, many examples, too, in a subdirectory.


I created the Peri programming language because I am a science fiction author, I have already written more than half a hundred novels, and for my latest, really large work, I needed a programming language in which I could present shorter programs written in my novel. I thought that for legal reasons I could not use existing programming languages, so I created my own. Its name is Peri. The title of the mentioned novel is "United Planets of Universe", but despite its title, it is written in Hungarian and is not yet available in English. The title of the novel is because it is about a star empire in the distant future, whose inhabitants speak English, since they consider themselves the legal successors of the former USA. The novel is essentially about the formation of this empire. The Peri programming language has something to do with this, because this programming language is the official programming language of the mentioned star empire. This means that for state and administrative purposes (or for military purposes) it is only allowed to create programs in this programming language, at least programs that are interpreted. Anyone who does not know this programming language is not considered a real programmer, at most a "hopeful beginner".

This is the reason why scripts written in the Peri programming language usually have the extension .upu. Here, "upu" stands for United Planets of Universe.

So it can be said that this is a programming language that was created primarily for LITERARY purposes, not programming! Nevertheless, the programming language is perfectly usable and extremely fast consideing that it is an interpreter, in fact it is much faster than Python in many tests, and programs written in this programming language still operate many functions of my laptop, for example the status bar management program for my DWM window manager is written in Peri language I use it to display the time, the download and upload speed of the Internet, the percentage of free space in the memory and hard disk, etc. So I think it is clear from the above that the programming language is completely Turing-complete.

Although my aforementioned novel is not yet available in English, four of my other volumes are, three on this link and one on the next link: (Harold King is my English pen-name). (The title of this novel is "Kayam the Mistake").

Okay, now back to the Peri. This programming language only works under the Linux operating system. I use it and I don't care about anything else. The linux distribution I developed under was an LFS, and it's quite old (but I'm still using it). Unfortunately, the development of the language took years (it was a one-man project...) and by the time I finished, it seems that the syntax of the linker was changed in the necessary gcc/glibc program package, that is, in the newer versions that work in current Linux distributions.

This fact has the unfortunate consequence that the programming language will not be surely compiled under today's more modern Linux distros. In this case, the instructions of the corresponding files that apply to the linker must be checked. I can no longer correct this in the program package, because the download link I provided above points to the page of the Hungarian Electronic Library, which I do not have access to, and I do not think that the library staff would consider it a good idea if I harassed them again and again to update the added program package when the creators of the linker might change the syntax again. (Unfortunately, it has been changed twice since I started programming in C...) In addition, there may also be a problem that some header files are missing from certain Linux distributions that would be needed for the compilation, I am primarily referring to the files that are related to the X window system graphic subsystem. However, since my programming language consists of several modules, the rest of it will work even if the compilation of the parts related to the X system fails, at best in this case we cannot use graphic functions.

Earlier, I wrote a programming language based on similar principles, called Furor, and I gave a few examples here on the Rosettacode page. I made only one binary package of Furor downloadable. Well, with the appearance of Peri, Furor can definitely be considered outdated, obsoleted, its development will not continue, Peri has already replaced it. Although I must say that the two languages ​​are syntactically very similar, even if they are not compatible with each other.