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OxygenBasic is a compilable language in the BASIC genre supporting object-oriented programming, and containing features of C. Its earliest origins was as a macro Assembly code language in 2009, but subsequently acquired all the features of a high-level language.

The philosophy underlying OxygenBasic is to facilitate clean coding, with low syntax noise and few coding restrictions. The core language and compiler size are kept to a minimum.


Hello World:

print "Hello World!"


int i
string pr
for i=1 to 10
  pr+="Line: " i chr(13,10)
print pr


function cube(double d) as double
  return d*d*d
end function

print cube(3)


class MemoryBank
  string buf
  method store(string key,text)
    buf += chr(1) + key + chr(2) + text + chr(3) + chr(13)

  end method
  method find(string key) as string
    int a,b,c
    a=instr 1,buf,chr(1) + key '+ chr(2)
    if a then
      b=instr a, buf, chr(2)
      c=instr a, buf, chr(3)
      return mid buf, b+1, c-b-1
    end if
    return "( "+key+ " not found )"
  end method
  method clear()
  end method
end class

MemoryBank b "shoes","500 pairs" "ships","10 galleons" "sealing wax","5 lbs"

string f=b.find("ships")

Current Status

The current implementation is available for Microsoft Windows and includes an x86 assembler. It can compile directly to memory, or to 32 bit and 64 bit binaries. Development is currently in Alpha phase. The compiler is a single DLL, and suitable for embedding in other Applications. It has been deployed as a module in thinBasic to support Assembly code and dynamic compiling.

The latest versions can be obtained here, including an IDE and numerous examples:

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