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My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
APL proficient
BQN proficient
C intermediate
C++ intermediate
Common Lisp novice
Factor intermediate
Haskell novice
J novice
Java intermediate
JavaScript proficient
Julia novice
K proficient
OCaml novice
Perl novice
PHP intermediate
Python intermediate
Raku novice
Rockstar proficient
Ruby proficient
Rust intermediate
Scala novice
Stax expert

I like array-oriented programming(APL, K, BQN).

I like writing learning resources for unorthodox, well designed languages. Active on The APL Wiki and The K wiki. I have a Youtube channel where I occasionally upload learning resources for recreational programming, array oriented programming, and occasionally movie reviews.

For work, I generally use Ruby, C and Python. Mostly prefer Ruby, since it's just that fun and flexible.

Currently learning Factor and improving my Java skill.