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If it's not listed, it's read-only... at best
Language Proficiency
BASIC My preferred language family
Visual Basic .NET Meh
PowerBASIC My overall favorite BASIC,
and my overall-preferred IDE
FreeBASIC The compiler I actually use for almost everything
Visual Basic What I used for Windows GUI up until Windows 7 (I skipped Vista)
VBA Where I used to do a lot of my paying work
QuickBASIC I don't really use it very much any more
REALbasic Nice language, but I don't use it hardly ever
Batch File Somewhere between "okay" and "decent"
UNIX Shell Nowhere near as good as I need to be
VBScript I'm... okay...
C I'm adequate
C++ I'm... okay...
JavaScript shrug
PHP Minimal knowledge
Pascal Read-only, for the most part
Assembly Read-only
Don't I look happy?

Somewhat obviously, my name is Erik Siers. I'm one of the BASIC cheerleaders on RC. (I can do other languages, but I prefer BASIC by a lot.) I've been a member of RC for a long time -- I created my account in 2009 -- but I am not one of the original crew, not by a few years. I don't really do any edits any more; my last meaningful edit (besides this page) was in mid-2018.

Current events

I've been improving my C and C++ lately. A new client was actually looking for someone with my exact skillset (fluent in BASIC, decent enough in C/C++) and I've had to "get good".

I'm still looking for suggestions/recommendations for a development system that supports both Android and iOS, hopefully with a RAD IDE. (RAD is optional but strongly preferred.) The only language I have and am comfortable using is extremely game-oriented and always uses 3D space, even if you don't need it, and I'm working on an app where that's a deal breaker. I'm open to literally anything, preferably free (open source optional). Development can happen on Windows, Linux, or x86 (32-bit) Mac. (I no longer have the x64 Macbook.) I would use Xojo, which fits the bill, but the price is a bit more than I'm ready to pay at the moment.

Leave a comment on my talk page if you have a suggestion/etc.

Operating Systems

I use a lot of OS's, depending on which physical system we're talking about...

My workstation:

  • Windows 10, for now. Considering my options. Work happens in various systems under emulation.

My server:

My laptop:

My iMac:

My G4 Mac:

My ThinkPad:

It's funny that I own so many Macs, since I consider pre-X Macs to be overpriced toys, but since modern macOS is built on top of a *nix system... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I also toy around with numerous other operating systems under emulation, including systems most people have never even heard of.

My code contributions

Unless otherwise specifically indicated, I disclaim any rights I might have to any code that I have posted to Rosetta Code, and assign any appropriate copyright to Michael Mol. (Everything posted to RC is automatically covered by the GNU FDL anyway.) This specifically applies to code that I have posted. Other people's code that I have made changes to belongs to them, not me, and I disclaim any rights I might have to those changes. (See Rosetta Code:Copyrights for RC's copyright policy.)

I've only created a single task, Sorting algorithms/Pancake sort, and I think it's unlikely that I'll create any more at this point.


It should be noted that all REALbasic examples that I've written (which can be found by looking through my user contributions page) were written in REALbasic 5.5.5, which is several years old. (For comparison, this might be considered somewhat akin to writing in C99 instead of the current standard, or writing for the original VB.Net instead of the current release -- my examples will probably work under modern versions... but they might not. YMMV.)

Unsorted Code

Some stuff that I wanted to put up here, but don't have any idea how to categorize (or else they don't fit any one category very well, or whatever).


I put up my programming links on their own page. They haven't been updated in a very long time.

This is my Wikipedia user page.

This is my Sourceforge profile.

This is what passes for my home page... not that I actually do anything with it. (Never even finished writing the pages; just kind of stopped halfway through...)

This is a short essay about why I use my real name as my username instead of remaining anonymous or using a pseudonym (on my Wikipedia user page).


Some pages that graphically display various sorting algorithms.

My Sourceforge projects

  • EEShell4 -- a replacement shell for 32- and 64-bit Windows.
    • I recently restarted work on this after letting it sit idle for something like 10-15 years.
  • IgrokYa -- a file type identifier (like file(1) or TrID; originally part of Proxlat (below)).
    • The only project I make any pretense of actively working on.
  • Visible -- a Visual Basic-to-C++ translator.
    • Slowly progressing. Very slowly.
  • KanjiFinder -- a tool to help English-speaking users find Japanese kanji.
    • Program's done, but data files are nowhere near complete. Effectively abandoned.
  • Proxlat -- a general-purpose binary translator.
    • Abandoned as impossible. I might restart this with a narrower scope at some point in the future.
  • QuickRun -- a simple program launcher (started as part of EEShell2).
  • Erik's tools -- a small handful of tiny very-specific-purpose utilities I wrote some time ago.

Quote of the Day

A bug can make your DOS session run off into the bushes and not come back.
 -- Jeff Duntemann