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Combining function calls

Considering the intended use case for this module - where a single page invokes tasks, drafts and omitted with the same argument - there is some efficiency to be gained by adding a new function to Module:Unimplemented that returns all three lists together, including sub headings.

This will significantly reduce the number of #ask queries the script performs by calling language_tasks(language) and omitted_language_tasks(language) just once per page instead of 2 or 3 times. --Jgrprior (talk) 08:31, 27 February 2023 (UTC)

Module:Unimplemented now includes a page function that combines all three task lists into a single call, as described above. Parser profiling data shows the combined function to be up to half a second faster than calling three separate functions, and it consumes about 200 kB less memory. --Jgrprior (talk) 07:56, 5 March 2023 (UTC)

Improve output formatting

We currently output tasks as continuous lists in a single column. Is it desirable to group tasks by their first character, and explore the possibility of a multi column layout?

For reference, here's an example of a pre-migration "Tasks not implemented in" page from the Wayback Machine. --Jgrprior (talk) 08:43, 27 February 2023 (UTC)