Intel C++ Compiler

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Intel C++ Compiler is an implementation of C. Other implementations of C.
Intel C++ Compiler is an implementation of C++. Other implementations of C++.

Intel C++ Compiler (also known as icc or icl) describes a group of C/C++ compilers from Intel. Compilers are available for Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X.

Intel C++ Compiler belongs to the family of compilers with the Edison Design Group frontend (like the SGI MIPSpro, Comeau C++, Portland Group, and others). The compiler is also notable for being widely used for SPEC CPU Benchmarks of IA-32, x86-64, and Itanium 2 architectures.

The Intel C++ Compiler is available in four forms. It is part of Intel Parallel Studio, the Intel C++ Compiler Professional Edition package, the Intel Compiler Suite package and the Intel Cluster Toolkit, Compiler Edition. The Intel Software Products site provides more information.