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This programming language may be used to instruct a computer to perform a task.
Garbage collected: Yes
Type strength: Strong
Type checking: Static
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Listed below are all of the tasks on Rosetta Code which have been solved using Haxe.

Haxe is a general-purpose high-level modern OO programming language with a familiar C-/JS-like syntax. It can compile to numerous targets, including C++, Python, JavaScript, Lua, Java, PHP, C sharp, ActionScript3, Adobe Flash, as well as to bytecode for its very own HashLink VM and Neko VM, and the JVM. The compiler also comes with its own built-in interpreter.

With Haxe you can compile a single codebase to multiple targets depending upon your use-case.

Haxe is a mature language with a very fast compiler. See its Language Intro for a quick overview of the language.