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I am not sure about what you are asking for. I've seen incredible things done with TeX beyond its common use (like Mandelbrot fractals!), but here I suppose you mean more tasks for TeX/LaTeX as document typesetting system? Isn't there the risk to write a sort of "manual" (scattered in tasks) for LaTeX/plainTeX rather than a comparable "stuff"? I mean, TeX apart, which are other languages it can compare to in its "document preparation" category? TeX could be used, with effort, to do some computation like other languages, while other languages hardly can prepare documents; I know I am always full of annoying doubts, but if you could explain deeply what you mean... (Once upon a time I was sort of almost-TeXspert, but nowadays I lazily use LaTeX and its packages...). If I stumble upon a non computational task suitable for TeX/LaTeX, I will try to add these. --ShinTakezou 21:19, 19 March 2009 (UTC)