From Rosetta Code
Language I use/used/like/would like to use more
Language Proficiency
AWK Beginner
C Good
C++ Beginner
Fortran Intermediate
Haskell Beginner
Java Beginner
M680x0 Good (on Amiga)
Metafont Beginner
Objective-C Beginner
Octave Beginner
Pascal Forgotten :D
Perl Beginner
PHP Intermediate
POV-Ray I'll win IRTC one day:D
R Beginner
REXX Beginner
Sather Beginner
Smalltalk Beginner
UNIX Shell Intermediate

RosettaCode repositories

If contributors/owners of a specific code are not happy with this, they can email me and I will erode their code from the archives.

I've put into archives the working codes for the Category:Raster graphics operations/Category:Image processing, both C and Fortran sources, the code I've written and the code other contributors have written (currently all the Fortran codes are mine); so people who want to contribute (for C and Fortran) using already written functions don't need to copy-paste code from the wiki in order to obtain a working code... I will try to keep track of changes and update the archives, testing them also (I use that code myself when contributing in that category!)

Questions, if any, on the Talk page.

About me (short)

I am italian, I studied physics but I discontinued it (going to); I am interested in computers and computer programming a lot; I like languages in a rather general way (not only computer languages); I had a rather long time experience with m68k assembly and C (this does not mean I am able to write good code:D).

I also can use other languages to do "real" tasks: PHP, Perl, bash... I would like to get more knowledge on C++, Java and some more; I would like to use functional programming paradigm (with Haskell or Erlang or others) for some "real life" task.

I write in english in a rather libertarian (and likely italianish) way, so forgive me and my mistakes or linguistic oddities.

Do not trust too much my self-judgement about proficiency in the languages table. My biggest defect is that having time I can't help writing too much.

Other interests and details

My real name is Mauro Panigada (I am not an anesthetist and I have nothing to do with medicine, alas; homonyms exist!).

I have a personal (mostly uninteresting) site I created long time ago, it grew, shrank, moved to this new one, just to mold...

I am also interested in ray-tracing (using POV Ray mainly), music composing (MIDI in general, Csound, Puredata...), computer based typesetting and font creation (TeX/LaTeX + METAFONT, I own both the TeX and METAFONT books), human languages (from German to Japanese), novel writing and other stuffs...

Languages I would like to push more on RC

  • Amiga E
  • Fortran (>= 90/95)
  • Octave
  • Rexx/ARexx N
  • 68k assembly (env.? AmigaOS:D) N
  • R
  • Metafont / (mixing Metapost?)
  • ((Prolog))
  • ((Lua))
  • ((Pascal))
  • (M4)
  • (Postscript)
  • (TeX/LaTeX)
  • Smalltalk
  • Objective-C

Contact detail(s)

I can be contacted directly at