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My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
AutoHotkey Favorite: I love to reimplement the wheel with autohotkey
C Intermediate: would like to get to know gcc a little better
C++ Intermediate: mostly playing with AutoHotkey internals
C sharp Beginner: will probably pick up more as ironahk matures
Objective-C Beginner: made a little itouch game, plan to work with osirix
Emacs Lisp Intermediate: my primary ide, cooked ahk-org-mode
Java beginner: played some with antlr, imagej, awt.robot
PHP beginner: played with mediawiki some
Perl beginner: occasional shell script, browse cpan
Python intermediate: have played a little with autokey, pydicom, pygments, numpy, django
MATLAB intermediate: mostly for image processing, played with octave some

My name is Naveen Garg. I am a radiologist with an interest in computing.