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Languages I have coded in
Language Proficiency
8086 Assembly Dabbled once
BlitzMax Utter newbie
Brainf*** not very good at it
C Decent
Fermat This language is utterly bonkers
Fortran Decent
FreeBASIC Intermediate/advanced
GW-BASIC Goto spaghettimonster
Haskell Bleh
IDL Like python, but bad and expensive
JavaScript Beginner
Mathematica No thanks. Never again.
PARI/GP Beginner/intermediate
Perl Wrote one tiny program, now I can't read it
POV-Ray Beginner
Python Intermediate
TCL I hope I never see it again
Tiny BASIC Not so bad
  • Advocate of FreeBASIC, which I consider to be a tragically underrated language
  • I prefer compact, elegant code. I try to avoid needless verbosity.
  • I'd rather work on useful programs than curiosities; Hunt The Wumpus is a notable exception.
  • I've recently become interested in Tiny BASIC, which forces imaginative solutions due to its very limited capabilities.
  • Of all the solutions I have contributed, I am proudest of this one.
  • I've also recently developed a liking for Fermat, which is powerful for certain applications, has an unusual syntax, and hardly anyone has ever heard of it.
Solutions contributed
FreeBASIC 238
Fermat 91
Tiny BASIC 49
C 13
BlitzMax 4
Brainf*** 2
Tasks contributed
Nimber arithmetic
Calkin-Wilf sequence
Minkowski question-mark function
Air mass
Long stairs

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