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This is my personal account. My professional account is Noraj (ACCEIS).

My github profile is noraj. My contributions to RosettaCode.

My languages

Languages I like or have to use.

My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Ruby Advanced
Crystal Intermediate
JavaScript Novice
PHP Novice
Python Novice

Proficiency levels

  • Novice: I used it a few time. I must constantly refer to the documentation.
  • Intermediate: I used it from times to times. I'm confident writing common tasks.
  • Advanced: I often used it. I'm confident writing many tasks and used it in several projects.
  • Expert: I professionally use it very often and deep dived into it. It has no secret for me.

Not my languages

Languages I dislike or try to avoid.

Not My Favorite Languages
Languages Reasons
C Too low level/complex
C# Proprietary and works only on Microsoft systems
Java Too verbose and unintuitive
PowerShell Too verbose and very bad handling for Unicode.