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My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Pascal Advanced
Python Advanced
Scheme Advanced
Forth Advanced
X86 Assembly Advanced
J Advanced
K Intermediate
Tcl Intermediate
Smalltalk Intermediate
Logo Intermediate
Prolog Intermediate
C Intermediate
Haskell Intermediate
Mercury Intermediate
SNOBOL4 Intermediate
Ada Intermediate
Oberon Intermediate
Perl Intermediate
Factor Intermediate
Icon Beginner
Unicon Beginner
lang5 Beginner
APL Beginner
Nial Beginner
Q Beginner
A+ Beginner
Joy Beginner
Cat Beginner
FP Beginner
FL Beginner
FPr Beginner
Dart Beginner

A mathematician and writer from Russian interested in expressive homoiconic, array, concatenative programming languages. Currently I'm working at System Analysis Research Center at PSI RAS, solving approximation and optimization problems. I'm writing articles (in Russian, most of them are about programming languages) for high-school computer science teachers. Also I'm a poet and kettlebell lifter and juggler.