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This programming language may be used to instruct a computer to perform a task.
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SNOBOL4 (StriNg Oriented and symBOlic Language) is a language for text processing, pattern matching, and much more, first designed and implemented at Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc. (BTL) in the 1970's.

SNOBOL4, while known primarily as a string language excels at any task involving symbolic manipulations. It provides run time typing, garbage collection, user data types, on the fly compilation. The language has a simple and highly orthogonal syntax, making it easy to learn.

A later implementation, developed by Robert B. K. Dewar and called "SPITBOL", added several major enhancements to the language, which include providing several structured programming type concepts but without requiring traditional keywords. These so-called "SPITBOL extensions" have since been retrofitted into most modern implementations of SNOBOL4 as well.

The use of the code() built-in function (which takes source code as input and returns executable code) combined with user-defined datatypes (implemented using the data() built-in function), provides the ability to rather easily implement many object-oriented techniques, including what are essentially constructors and methods (although this terminology evolved after SNOBOL4 and SPITBOL).

CSnobol4 sources and Win32 binary

Above also included in Rafal M. Sulejman's TkS*LIDE SNOBOL4 IDE


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