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My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Inform 7 experienced
JavaScript experienced
Java experienced
Processing Python mode experienced
Processing experienced
Python experienced
R experienced
Scratch experienced
UNIX Shell experienced
AppleScript familiar
BASIC familiar
PHP familiar
SQL familiar
ActionScript once upon a time
C++ once upon a time
Inform 6 once upon a time
Logo once upon a time
Lua once upon a time
Pure Data once upon a time
Visual Basic once upon a time
XSLT once upon a time

My name is Jeremy Douglass. My native locale is en-us.

Rosetta Examples for p5

Rosetta Examples for p5 is my main project related to this site. It solicits, curates, and edits Rosetta tasks, then redistributes them as a runnable example set for Processing and Processing Python mode.


In the spirit of community I have filled out the "languages" profile. This is a 2020 snapshot.

I don't really believe in rating language proficiency -- my confidence in a language relates to whether I have worked or done large original projects in it, if I have taught it, and how long ago I last touched it. Things that I have worked in regularly or in a sustained way and would feel comfortable teaching at least at an introductory level I have marked "experienced" (although my expertise varies considerably); things that I once worked with in a substantial way and could get back into I have marked "familiar." For everything else there is "once upon a time" -- although who knows?

I write small domain-specific languages, although so far they are too domain-specific for Rosetta Code. I also enjoy esolangs -- in particular, the verbose (Shakespeare, Chef) and the visual (Befunge, Piet, Whitespace).


I am sometimes on here as part of an ongoing project, and supportive of the community, but I am not a regular wiki resident, so reach out elsewhere if you try to contact me here and cannot. My preferred contact is email.