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HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:0/) X Internal error
(ID:1/eni001) ENIAC stored program Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer
(ID:2/) X Internal error
(ID:3/pla010) Plankalkul Algebraic compiler for Z3 computer
(ID:4/a::001) A-0 Compiler for UNIVAC I (UNIVersal Automatic Computer)
(ID:5/aut007) AUTOCODE Symbolic assembly programming language for Manchester Mark 1
(ID:6/lan006) Laning and Zierler Algebraic "interpretive program" (compiler) for the MIT Whirlwind I
(ID:7/spe013) SPEEDCODING "first high-level programming language created for an IBM computer." John Backus IBM 701
(ID:8/for047) FORTRAN (FORmula TRANslation) compiler led by John Backus
(ID:9/) X Internal error
HoPL IA Rosetta Code


HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:10/) X Internal error
(ID:11/a::002) A-2 UNIVAC compiler (UNIVersal Automatic Computer)
(ID:12/gip001) GIP (General Interpretive Programme) for English Electric DEUCE (Digital Electronic Universal Computing Engine)
(ID:13/ipl001) IPL (Information Processing Language) The first list-processing language.
(ID:14/lis005) LISP (LISt Processing) A list processing system with emphasis on recursion and formalism.
(ID:15/a::003) A-3 Mathematical problems
(ID:16/omn002) OMNICODE Autocoder for IBM 650
(ID:17/alg018) ALGOL 58 (ALGOrithmic Language)
(ID:18/apl001) APL (Array-centered Programing Language)
(ID:19/com007) COMIT String-handling and pattern-matching language
HoPL IA Rosetta Code


HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:20/geo003) GEORGE (GEneral ORder GEnerator) Stack-oriented interpreter language for English Electric DEUCE (Digital Electronic Universal Computing Engine)
(ID:21/it:001) IT (Internal Translator) mathematical autocoder
(ID:22/paf001) PAF Conversational programming language
(ID:23/apt001) APT (Automatically Programmed Tools)
(ID:24/b::001) B-0 UNIVAC (UNIVersal Automatic Computer) English language compiler
(ID:25/cli007) CLIP (Compiler Language for Information Processing )
(ID:26/a::004) A-1 Compiler for UNIVAC I (UNIVersal Automatic Computer)
(ID:27/flo013) FLOW-MATIC Release name for B-0, Possibly the first English-like Data Processing language
(ID:28/for057) FORTRAN II (FORmula TRANslation) version 2
(ID:29/uni002) UNICODE UNIVAC (UNIVersal Automatic Computer) hybrid of FORTRAN (FORmula TRANslation) and MATH-MATIC, not the character set UNICODE.
HoPL IA Rosetta Code


HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:30/ial001) IAL (International Algebraic Language) Subsequently renamed ALGOL.
(ID:31/lis006) LISP 1.5 LISP major release.
(ID:32/nel003) NELIAC (Navy Electronics Laboratory International ALGOL Compiler)
(ID:33/sim033) SIMPLE (Simulation of Industrial Management Problems with Lots of Equations)
(ID:34/sod001) SODA (Symbolic Optimum DEUCE Assembly) for the English Electric DEUCE (Digital Electronic Universal Computing Engine)
(ID:35/pac001) 9PAC Report generator for IBM 709
(ID:36/aco001) ACOM Early Autocode at GM
(ID:37/ade002) ADES (Automatic Digital Encoding System)
(ID:38/afa001) AFAC Algebraic autocode at GM Allison
(ID:39/alg008) Algebraic MIT Automatic Coding System
HoPL IA Rosetta Code


HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:40/anc002) ANCP Datatron autocode
(ID:41/apx002) APX III Datatron autocode
(ID:42/ass005) ASSEMBLY Rochester Asssembler for IBM
(ID:43/bal007) BALITAC MIT compiler for the IBM 650
(ID:44/bap001) BAP Basic (or Berkeley) Assembly Programming
(ID:46/l::001) L3 Version 3 of the Bell high level interpreter
(ID:47/bio003) BIOR (Business Input-Output Rerun) Autocode for UNIVAC (UNIVersal Automatic Computer)
(ID:48/bac001) BACAIC (Boeing Airplane Company Algebraic Interpretive Coding) Algebraic system at Boeing
(ID:49/cag001) CAGE (autoCoding At GE) Optimising autocode for IBM 704 developed at General Electric Nov 1955
HoPL IA Rosetta Code


HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:50/deu001) DEUCE Autocode Autocode for English Electric DEUCE (Digital Electronic Universal Computing Engine)
(ID:51/chi009) CHIP Wright ADC Interpeter for the UNIVAC 1103
(ID:52/com036) Comprehensive MIT Combined interactive and automatic coding system
(ID:53/cor009) CORBIE NBS coding system for IBM 704.
(ID:54/dai001) DAISY 201 Autocoder for Bendix G-15
(ID:55/dat006) DATACODE I Compiler for Burroughs/Datatron 200 series
(ID:56/dou002) DOUGLAS Macro-assembler for IBM 701 by Douglas Aircraft Company, Santa Monica, May 1953
(ID:57/dow001) DOW COMPILER Dow Chemicals Autocoder
(ID:58/dru001) DRUCO I (DRUm COmputer) Interpretive autocode for the IBM 650
(ID:59/dua001) DUAL-607 Los Alamos improvement of the SO2 system for the IBM 701, also drew on the Rochester assembler, hence DUAL (both systems).
HoPL IA Rosetta Code


HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:60/ipl009) IPL-VI (Information Processing Language) Version 6
(ID:61/dyn004) DYNAMO (DYNAmic MOdels) simulation
(ID:62/eas004) EASE (Engineering Automatic System for Solving Equations) GM Allison autocode for IBM 650
(ID:63/eas007) EASIAC (EASy Instruction Automatic Computer) Autocoder for the Michigan U Midac.
(ID:64/eas015) EASY FOX (USAF Phonetic alphabet E(Easy) and F(Fox)) Rand autocode for Johhniac
(ID:65/eli001) ELI (Equitable Life Insurance) 705 autocode
(ID:66/erf001) ERFPI
(ID:67/esc002) ESCAPE Curtiss Wright interpretive autocode
(ID:68/fac006) FACT (Fully Automated Compiling Technique)
(ID:69/fai002) FAIR Kodak Eastman interpretive autocoder
HoPL IA Rosetta Code


HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:70/fap001) FAP Lockheed interpreter for Univac 1103A
(ID:71/fas006) FAST (FORTRAN Automatic Symbol Translator) Fortran-to-assembly language translater for the IBM 650
(ID:72/fla003) FLAIR (Full LAnguage for the Instruction of Rockets) Assembler for IBM 650
(ID:73/fli003) FLIP (FLoating point Interpretive Program) Convair floating point system for the 1103 computers
(ID:74/flo006) FLOP (FLoating Octal Point) Lockheed macro assembler for a virtual machine running on the IBM 701 written by Robert Bozak.
(ID:75/for073) FORTRUNCIBLE A cross between FORTRAN and RUNCIBLE for the IBM 650.
(ID:76/gep002) GEPURS (GEneral PURpose System) Autocoder on IBM 701
(ID:77/gp:001) GP (Generalized Programming) Compiler
(ID:78/gpx001) GPX (Generalized Programming eXtended) for the UNIVAC II
(ID:79/ill002) ILLIAC Assembly language for the ILLIAC ((ILLInois Automatic Computer).
HoPL IA Rosetta Code


HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:80/int014) INTERCOM 1000 Autocode for the Bendix G-15
(ID:81/jaz001) JAZ Autocode for LGP-30.
(ID:82/jcs001) JCS-13 Rand macroassembler for IBM 701
(ID:83/jov001) JOVIAL (Jule's Own Version of IAL) Based on IAL (ALGOL 58).
(ID:84/k::001) K5 Algebraic assembler for UNIVAC Larc at Livermore
(ID:85/kis001) KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) Autocoder for IBM 650 developed by Chrysler
(ID:86/kom001) KOMPILER Livermore autocode - A. Kenton Elsworth, 1953, Livermore Laboratory
(ID:87/lis007) LISP 1.75 (LISt Processing)
(ID:88/lt:001) LT-2 (Logical Theorist) ported to the IBM 701 (?)
(ID:89/mac001) MAC (MIT Algebraic Compiler) for IBM 650
HoPL IA Rosetta Code


HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:90/mac002) MAC (Mercury Automatic Coding) for the English Electric Mercury
(ID:91/mac023) Macro SAP Macro processing modification of SAP. Led to TRAC.
(ID:92/mad001) MAD (Michigan Algorithm Decoder)
(ID:93/mag008) MAGIC (Michigan Automatic General Interactive Coder)
(ID:94/mat017) MATRIX MATH Matrix algebra compiler for UNIVAC II
(ID:95/mis002) MISHAP Lockheed assembler package for UNIVAC 1103A
(ID:96/mit002) MITILAC (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Instrumentation Laboratory Automatic Coding)
(ID:97/mjs001) MJS Compiler for UNIVAC I developed at Lawrence Livermore Lab
(ID:98/mys001) MYSTIC Automatic encoder from Johns Hopkins for multiplatform use
(ID:99/nor001) NORC COMPILER (Naval Ordnance Research Calculator) compiler
HoPL IA Rosetta Code


HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:100/nya001) NYAP (NYU (New York University) Autocode Program)
(ID:101/nyu002) NYU/OMNIFAX Hybrid of NYAP and OMNIFAX for UNIVAC II
(ID:102/omn003) OMNIFAX NYU Compiler for UNIVAC I , later incorporated into NYU/OMNIFAX
(ID:103/pac005) PACT I (Project for the Advancement of Coding Technique) which begat SHARE user group
(ID:104/pog001) POGO Autocoder for the Bendix G-15.
(ID:105/que001) QUEASY (Quick and Easy)
(ID:106/qui002) QUICK Douglas Aircraft Company Autocode for 701
(ID:107/raw002) RAWOOP/SNAP Joining together of RAWOOP and SNAP
(ID:108/reg006) REG-SYMBOLIC Reg(ional) Symbolic assembler for IBM 704
(ID:109/rel003) RELATIVE Interpretive autocode at GM Allison
HoPL IA Rosetta Code


HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:110/rel004) RELCODE Remington Rand assembler for UNIVAC I and II
(ID:111/run001) RUNCIBLE (Revised Unified New Compiler with IT Basic Language Extended)
(ID:112/sac001) SAC Electrodata assembler for Burroughs
(ID:113/sai001) SAIL Livermore Assembler for UNIVAC Larc
(ID:114/scr013) SCRIPT (Scientific and Commercial subRoutine Interpreter and Program Translator)
(ID:115/see001) SEESAW Autocode for the IBM 701
(ID:116/sha001) SHACO (Short Hand COding)
(ID:117/she003) SHELL Datatronic autocoder
(ID:118/sim034) SIMPLE Program Development System
(ID:119/sir001) SIR (Symbolic Interpretive Routines)
HoPL IA Rosetta Code


HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:120/so:001) SO 2 Symbolic assembler for IBM 701
(ID:121/soa001) SOAP (Symbolic Optimal Assembly Program)
(ID:122/soh001) SOHIO (Standard oil Ohio) interpretive autocode for 705
(ID:123/spa006) SPAR (Symbolic Program and Assembly Routine)
(ID:124/spe010) SPEED Autocode for LGP-30
(ID:125/tit001) TITAN Macro autocode TITAN
(ID:126/spe015) SPEEDEX Assembler for 701
(ID:127/spu001) SPUR (Single Precision Unpacked Rounded) Floating Point Package
(ID:128/sta017) STAR (STAndard Routine)
(ID:129/sum003) Summer Session MIT Interactive coding system for Summer Session courses
HoPL IA Rosetta Code


HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:130/sur003) SURGE (Sorter, Updater, Report GEnerator)
(ID:131/sym006) SYMBOLIC ASSEMBLY Symbolic assembler for IBM 705
(ID:132/tra020) TRANSCODE Autocoder at Toronto
(ID:133/tra023) TRANS-USE Univac 1103 macroassembler
(ID:134/ugl001) UGLIAC United Gas autocode
(ID:135/uni015) UNISAP Case Institute (UNIvac Symbolic Assembly Program)
(ID:136/use001) USE (Univac Scientific Exchange) user group Scientific Compiler
(ID:137/x::001) X-1 eXperimental Assembler For Univac II
(ID:138/aut042) Autostat Statistical Programming Language
(ID:139/cob004) COBOL (COmmon Business Oriented Language)
HoPL IA Rosetta Code


HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:140/flp001) FLPL (FORTRAN List Processing Language)
(ID:141/gps003) GPSS (General Purpose Systems Simulator)
(ID:142/tab012) TABSOL (TABular Systems Oriented Language)
(ID:143/unc001) UNCOL (UNiversal Computer Oriented Language)
(ID:144/alp005) ALPHA Russian rich maths extension of Algol 60
(ID:145/bmd001) BMD (BioMeDical) computer programs
(ID:146/com022) Compact COBOL Standard subset of COBOL
(ID:147/hyt002) HYTRAN Analog simulation language
(ID:148/mad006) MADCAP Two dimensional maths and set language
(ID:149/mus005) Music Languages for musical sound synthesis
HoPL IA Rosetta Code


HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:150/neb001) NEBULA (Natural Electronic BUsiness LAnguage)
(ID:151/pro020) PROGENY UNIVAC report generator
(ID:152/req002) Required-COBOL Minimal subset of COBOL (one of several). Later dropped entirely
(ID:153/sai003) SAINT (Symbolic Automatic INTegrator)
(ID:154/sla007) SLANG Compiler compiler system
(ID:155/sma002) SMALGOL (SMall ALGOL)
(ID:156/alp001) ALP (Autocode List-Processing)
(ID:157/bcn001) BC NELIAC NELIAC at UBC
(ID:158/for019) FORMAC (FORmula MAnipulation Compiler)
(ID:159/for034) Formula ALGOL ALGOL dialect for algebraic manipulation
HoPL IA Rosetta Code


HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:160/for060) FORTRAN IV (FORmula TRANslation) - First major release
(ID:161/ipl002) IPL-II (Information Processing Language) Version 2
(ID:162/ipl003) IPL-III (Information Processing Language) Version 3
(ID:163/for069) FORTRAN V (FORmula TRANslation) with string and character handling
(ID:164/inf007) Information Algebra Theoretical formalism for data processing
(ID:165/kls001) KLS (Knotted List Structures)
(ID:166/mli002) MLISP (Meta-expression LISt Processing)
(ID:167/scl001) SCL (Symbolic Communication Language)
(ID:168/sha002) SHADOW Syntax-directed compiler
(ID:169/sim025) SIMPAC (SIMulation PACkage)
HoPL IA Rosetta Code


HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:170/sim052) SIMULA (SIMUlation LAnguage)
(ID:171/sno002) SNOBOL (StriNg Oriented symBOlic Language)
(ID:172/bra001) Klammerausdr죫e In German Klammerausdr죫e. (Bracketed terms)
(ID:173/tal008) TALL (TAC List Language)
(ID:174/alg043) ALGOL 60 Revised Revised report of IAL committee
(ID:175/alp002) ALPAK Extension to ALTRAN to manipulate polynomials and rational functions
(ID:176/bas009) BASIC (Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code)
(ID:177/ipl004) IPL-IV (Information Processing Language version 4)
(ID:178/com008) COMIT II String-handling and pattern-matching language
(ID:179/com029) Compiler-Compiler Compiler generator for the Atlas
HoPL IA Rosetta Code


HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:180/cor010) CORC (CORnell Compiler)
(ID:181/cpl001) CPL (Combined Programming Language)
(ID:182/for041) FORTH (FOuRTH-generation language)
(ID:183/for071) FORTRAN VI (FORmula TRANslation) version 6
(ID:184/opa001) OPAL CEIR data processing language
(ID:185/pli001) PL/I Programming Language One
(ID:186/rec006) RECOL REtrieval COmmand Language
(ID:187/red007) REDUCE Symbolic math, ALGOL-like syntax, written in LISP, originally to evaluate Feynman diagrams in quantum physics
(ID:188/ret002) Retrieve English query language from Tymeshare
(ID:189/sar001) SARG Used on the Uvivac 1004 in the 1960s by the US Army Material Command.
HoPL IA Rosetta Code


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HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:190/sim046) SIMSCRIPT Discrete simulations package
(ID:191/ske001) Sketchpad Interactive graphics environment
(ID:192/sli005) SLIP (Symmetric LIst Processsor)
(ID:193/ala005) A-language An early Algol-like surface syntax for Lisp
(ID:194/amb003) AMBIT Algebraic Manipulation
(ID:195/cor002) CORAL (Class Oriented Ring Associated Language)
(ID:196/cow001) COWSEL (COntrolled Working SpacE Language)
(ID:197/det001) DETAB/65 SHARE/SIGPLAN (DEecision TAble) language
(ID:198/gar003) Gargoyle Algol derived language for compiler writing.
(ID:199/ids001) IDS (Integrated Data Store)
HoPL IA Rosetta Code


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HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:200/jos002) JOSS (JOHNNIAC Open Shop System)
(ID:201/mat006) MATHLAB Interactive maths language
(ID:202/met011) Meta II Syntax-directed metacompiler.
(ID:203/met029) METEOR COMIT with LISP features
(ID:204/mil004) MILITRAN Military simulation language
(ID:205/ops001) OPS-1 (On-line Process Synthesizer)
(ID:206/pol014) PolyP (POLYtypic Programming) language
(ID:207/rpg001) RPG (Report Program Generator)
(ID:208/sch013) Schoonschip (Dutch for "beautiful ship") Symbolic maths
(ID:209/sno003) SNOBOL2 Interim version of SNOBOL
HoPL IA Rosetta Code


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HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:210/sol001) SOL (Simulation Oriented Language)
(ID:211/str013) STRESS (STRuctual Engineering Systems Solver)
(ID:212/sha005) Shannon hardware logic Wiring logic system
(ID:213/tre004) TREET Trinary tree variant of LISP
(ID:214/wis004) WISP Macro-based list processing language
(ID:215/xpo001) XPOP (eXPander and OPtimizer)
(ID:216/gat002) 20-GATE GATE for the G-20
(ID:217/aed001) AED (Automated Engineering Design) also known as (ALGOL Extended for Design)
(ID:218/axl001) AXLE (AXiomatic LanguagE) string processing language
(ID:219/bas015) Basic JOVIAL Simplified subset of JOVIAL
HoPL IA Rosetta Code


HoPL - Internet Archive - Rosetta Code correspondence
HoPL IA Rosetta Code
HoPL IA Rosetta Code