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My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Logo Nostalgic
BASIC Nostalgic
6502 Assembly Nostalgic
Modula-2 Rusty/Beginner
Pascal Rusty/Expert
Batch File Advanced
X86 Assembly Rusty/Advanced
LaTeX Rusty/Advanced
Fortran Rusty/Advanced
Java Expert
XSLT Intermediate
Ruby Advanced
UNIX Shell Intermediate
Scala Intermediate
Forth Beginner
JavaScript Beginner
R Starting

Hi, my name is Peter Kofler and I'm the Code Cop. I have been programming since 1985 and here are some details on my full language list:

language how and why when
Logo voluntary class in school 1985
BASIC for my first computer (the C64) 1986-1990
6502 Assembly for my first computer (the C64) 1986-1990
Modula-2 university lecture: introduction to programming 1991
Common Lisp university lecture: introduction to informatics 1992
Pascal university lecture/hobby projects 1992-1999
Batch File for automating 1993-today (rarely)
X86 Assembly university lecture/hobby projects 1994-1996
LaTeX university project work 1992-1999
FORTRAN 77 university project work 1993-1998
Fortran 90 university project work 1997-2000
MATLAB university project work 1993-1995
Java professional work 1999-today (focus)
XSLT professional work 1999-today (rarely)
Visual Basic professional work, VB6 2002
Ruby professional work 2005-today (focus)
UNIX Shell university and professional work 1992-today (rarely)
Scala "learn a new language" by book 2008-2010
Forth "learn a new language" with university lecture 2010
JavaScript "learn a new language" 2011
Dart just a single code kata in Dart 2012
R "learn a new language" with university lecture 2012