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It seems that Retalem and I have contributed most of the PARI/GP tasks. This is a quick list for my purposes of the PARI/GP tasks completed by others. It is no doubt incomplete, but attempts to be comprehensive.

  1. Guess the number/With feedback (player): Science man 88
  2. Pascal's triangle: Science man 88/
  3. Pascal's triangle/Puzzle: Science man 88/
  4. Polynomial regression: Bill Allombert
  5. Rate counter: Science man 88/
  6. Readline interface: Bill Allombert
  7. Reverse a string: Science man 88
  8. Abundant odd numbers: Billymacc

These tasks include code from myself as well as others:

  1. Perfect numbers:
  2. Factors of a Mersenne number: Rosario Turco
  3. Non-decimal radices/Input: Science man 88

These tasks include code from Retalem as well as others:

  1. RIPEMD-160: Bill Allombert

Superseded contributions:

  1. Run-length encoding: Science man 88/ (this was incorrect; I rewrote it)