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Added a short summary of the language, as cited from Wikipedia, also added link to citation. CrashandDie 07:46, 25 January 2007 (EST)

Thanks. And thanks for noticing that I added a citation reference last time. It may be under the GNU FDL license, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't cite. (I'm not even sure it means we don't have to...) --Short Circuit 10:07, 25 January 2007 (EST)
No problem, I'm happy to contribute. At first, I didn't understand where the citation reference came from, and I was like... O_O Where did that come from ! Then, eventually I saw the recent changes and understood. Also, about citing Wikipedia, this is what I found on their website:
The license Wikipedia uses grants free access to our content in the same sense as free software is licensed freely. This principle is known as copyleft. That is to say, Wikipedia content can be copied, modified, and redistributed so long as the new version grants the same freedoms to others and acknowledges the authors of the Wikipedia article used (a direct link back to the article satisfies our author credit requirement). Wikipedia articles therefore will remain free forever and can be used by anybody subject to certain restrictions, most of which serve to ensure that freedom.
So in my opinion, as long as we cite wikipedia, either in citation reference, or in the discussion page, we're not harming them. But yes, adding a small link to the article is one, much healthier as some more information can be accessed much faster --by the users, that is-- and it gives credit, where credit is due. --CrashandDie 10:29, 25 January 2007 (EST)