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Can I just say

Anyone who uses bool1, bool2, bool3, bool4, and bool5 deserves shaming and public ridicule, especially if bool1/2/3 are not even bools but are actually integer indexes.
Use adx, bdx, cdx instead, and the test adx>0 and bdx>adx and cdx>bdx suffices - there is no need to test bdx>0 if it is >adx and adx is already known to be >0, ditto cdx>0.
--Pete Lomax (talk) 13:07, 5 December 2020 (UTC)

Idea for Stretch Goal

How about letting the user specify a multiple letter combination? As implemented in the C# example. It might get interesting though, because if the user specifies a repeated letter, the existing task description won't be appropriate. For example, when the letters "a", "l", and "l" are specified, the first occurrence of each of the specified letter "l"s would be on the same index, and would cause no words to be found. A revision to the task requirement would have to be made that allows the second, third, ... nth character occurrence to be used when multiple matching characters are specified.--Enter your username (talk) 18:23, 5 December 2020 (UTC)