Oberonc (Oberon-07 compiler for the JVM)

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Oberonc (Oberon-07 compiler for the JVM) is an implementation of Oberon-07. Other implementations of Oberon-07.

oberonc is an Oberon-07 compiler targeting the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

It is available on GitHub: https://github.com/lboasso/oberonc

Definition modules

oberonc implements a DEFINITION module extension to the language, that allows Oberon-07 code to call methods written in Java or other languages that compile to JVM bytecode, e.g.: Kotlin. This facility is used by the compiler to implement the Oberon-07 runtime library.

An example of a DEFINITION module being used in a Rosetta Code task to call Java code from Oberon-07 can be seen in Sleeping Beauty problem#Oberon-07.