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This is the documentation page for Module:Unimplemented

Module:Unimplemented builds lists of links to programming tasks that have not yet been implemented in a programming language. This module is invoked from Template:Unimpl_Page.

We work around Semantic MediaWiki's limitations by deriving a list of unimplemented tasks from multiple SMW inline queries.


Invoke Module:Unimplemented with one of the tasks, drafts or omitted functions and the target language. Here we've used TypeScript as the example language.


Combined unimplemented task page

Unimplemented|page|<language> combines unimplemented tasks, draft tasks and omitted tasks into one function call. It includes sub headings for each list and formats those lists grouped by the first character in a task's title.


Invoking from a template

When invoking Module:Unimplemented from a template and using template parameters as arguments, it is probably a good idea to wrap each call to #invoke in <includeonly></includeonly>. This should prevent unnecessary function calls and improve page load times when viewing the template page directly.

See Control template inclusion for more information.