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This programming language may be used to instruct a computer to perform a task.
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DBL (Data Business Language) is a compiled, imperative programming language designed for business use. It is based on Digital Equipment Corporation’s DIBOL programming language. DBL was developed by Digital Information Systems Corporation (DISC; the company name was changed to Synergex in 1996) in the late 1970s as a DIBOL alternative, targeting system integrators who combined DEC hardware with third-party peripherals. DIBOL ran only on DEC hardware, while DBL ran on most major business computer platforms.

1980: DBL released for DEC’s PDP-11- based systems. It ran on RT-11, TSX, RSTS, and RSX-11M.

1983: VMS native-mode version of DBL released to run on VAX. At this time, DBL was also available for DEC RT-11, TSX/TSX-Plus, RSTS, and RSX-11M/M-Plus

1984: Initial version 4 released for MS-DOS. (Other platforms were released in 1985, including VMS and TSX-Plus.) The language was rewritten in C. DBL version 4 released for the AT&T Unix operating system. It included the ability to chain to non-DBL programs and interface to subroutines written in other languages. (