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This is an example of a library. You may see a list of other libraries used on Rosetta Code at Category:Solutions by Library.

Wren-matrix is a module which adds matrix manipulation support to the Wren programming language. It consists of 2 classes: Matrix and Matrices. The latter contains static methods for dealing with lists of Matrix objects.

The module's main focus is small to medium sized dense matrices and no attempt has been made to distinguish or optimize for sparse or large matrices. The elements must be real numbers i.e. Nums.

It is the twelfth in a series of modules (listed on the language's main page) designed to assist with writing Rosetta Code tasks so the same code does not have to be written or copy/pasted time and time again thereby bloating a task's script code unnecessarily.

To use it you need to copy the source code (in the talk page) to a text file called matrix.wren and place this in the same directory as the importing script so the command line interpreter can find it.