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UnrealScript (often abbreviated to UScript) is the scripting language of the Unreal Engine and is used for authoring game code and gameplay events.

Similar in basic design principles to Java, UnrealScript has object-oriented features and is recognizable as a member of the curly brace family. As in Java, UnrealScript does not support multiple inheritance; classes all inherit from a common Object class and are defined in individual files named after each class. Unlike Java, UnrealScript is case-insensitive, and does not have object wrappers for primitive types. Interfaces are only supported in Unreal Engine generation 3 and a few Unreal Engine 2 games. UnrealScript supports operator overloading, but not method overloading, except for optional parameters.

The language was also designed for simple, high-level game programming. The UnrealScript interpreter was programmed by Tim Sweeney, who had also created an earlier game scripting language called ZZT-oop.

By making the process of modifying the game easier, UnrealScript helped enable the growth of a large community of people on the Internet dedicated to modifying Unreal. This ability greatly added to the overall longevity of Unreal and provided an incentive for new development.

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