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SIMPOL is an object-oriented, reflective programming, and functional programming language that can be used for both general purpose and database-oriented programming.

It comes as a core library with various loaders for console, CGI, and GUI-style programs. It is component-based, so only the required components need be shipped with a program.

SIMPOL also comes with its own single- and multi-user database engines that share a common storage format.

The language itself has a very small keyword set and a small set of operators. It has built-in support for the value NULL (.nul) and infinity (.inf).

There are some interesting quirks in the language, especially with the operators. For example, strings can be not only added (concatenated), they can be used with the the unary minus, subtraction, and multiplication operators.

Programs are developed and debugged using a Windows-based IDE and a set of RAD tools for creating databases and forms. Resulting programs are compiled to a cross-platform byte code that is executed using the SIMPOL runtime environment.


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