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This programming language may be used to instruct a computer to perform a task.
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Janet is a lisp dialect meant for small systems and embedded usage. There is no regexp built into the language, instead there is PEG, Parsing expression grammar.

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Janet is a functional and imperative programming language. It runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, BSDs, and should run on other systems with some porting. The entire language (core library, interpreter, compiler, assembler, PEG) is less than 1MB. You can also add Janet scripting to an application by embedding a single C source file and a single header.


   Minimal setup - one binary and you are good to go!
   Builtin support for threads, networking, and an event loop
   First class closures
   Garbage collection
   First class green threads (continuations)
   Mutable and immutable arrays (array/tuple)
   Mutable and immutable hashtables (table/struct)
   Mutable and immutable strings (buffer/string)
   Tail call optimization
   Direct interop with C via abstract types and C functions
   Dynamically load C libraries
   Lexical scoping
   REPL and interactive debugger
   Parsing Expression Grammars built in to the core library
   500+ functions and macros in the core library
   Export your projects to standalone executables with a companion build tool, jpm
   Add to a project with just janet.c and janet.h