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The History of Programming Languages

By HoPL number

HoPL - Internet Archive - Rosetta Code correspondence
HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:0/) X Internal error
(ID:1/eni001) ENIAC stored program Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer
(ID:2/) X Internal error
(ID:3/pla010) Plankalkul Algebraic compiler for Z3 computer
(ID:4/a::001) A-0 Compiler for UNIVAC I (UNIVersal Automatic Computer)
(ID:5/aut007) AUTOCODE Symbolic assembly programming language for Manchester Mark 1
(ID:6/lan006) Laning and Zierler Algebraic "interpretive program" (compiler) for the MIT Whirlwind I
(ID:7/spe013) SPEEDCODING "first high-level programming language created for an IBM computer." John Backus IBM 701
(ID:8/for047) FORTRAN (FORmula TRANslation) compiler led by John Backus
(ID:9/) X Internal error
HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:10/) X Internal error
(ID:11/a::002) A-2 UNIVAC compiler (UNIVersal Automatic Computer)
(ID:12/gip001) GIP (General Interpretive Programme) for English Electric DEUCE (Digital Electronic Universal Computing Engine)
(ID:13/ipl001) IPL (Information Processing Language) The first list-processing language.
(ID:14/lis005) LISP (LISt Processing) A list processing system with emphasis on recursion and formalism.
(ID:15/a::003) A-3 Mathematical problems
(ID:16/omn002) OMNICODE Autocoder for IBM 650
(ID:17/alg018) ALGOL 58 (ALGOrithmic Language)
(ID:18/apl001) APL (Array-centered Programing Language)
(ID:19/com007) COMIT String-handling and pattern-matching language
HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:20/geo003) GEORGE (GEneral ORder GEnerator) Stack-oriented interpreter language for English Electric DEUCE (Digital Electronic Universal Computing Engine)
(ID:21/it:001) IT (Internal Translator) mathematical autocoder
(ID:22/paf001) PAF Conversational programming language
(ID:23/apt001) APT (Automatically Programmed Tools)
(ID:24/b::001) B-0 UNIVAC (UNIVersal Automatic Computer) English language compiler
(ID:25/cli007) CLIP (Compiler Language for Information Processing )
(ID:26/a::004) A-1 Compiler for UNIVAC I (UNIVersal Automatic Computer)
(ID:27/flo013) FLOW-MATIC Release name for B-0, Possibly the first English-like Data Processing language
(ID:28/for057) FORTRAN II (FORmula TRANslation) version 2
(ID:29/uni002) UNICODE UNIVAC (UNIVersal Automatic Computer) hybrid of FORTRAN (FORmula TRANslation) and MATH-MATIC, not the character set UNICODE.
HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:30/ial001) IAL (International Algebraic Language) Subsequently renamed ALGOL.
(ID:31/lis006) LISP 1.5 LISP major release.
(ID:32/nel003) NELIAC (Navy Electronics Laboratory International ALGOL Compiler)
(ID:33/sim033) SIMPLE (Simulation of Industrial Management Problems with Lots of Equations)
(ID:34/sod001) SODA (Symbolic Optimum DEUCE Assembly) for the English Electric DEUCE (Digital Electronic Universal Computing Engine)
(ID:35/pac001) 9PAC Report generator for IBM 709
(ID:36/aco001) ACOM Early Autocode at GM
(ID:37/ade002) ADES (Automatic Digital Encoding System)
(ID:38/afa001) AFAC Algebraic autocode at GM Allison
(ID:39/alg008) Algebraic MIT Automatic Coding System
HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:40/anc002) ANCP Datatron autocode
(ID:41/apx002) APX III Datatron autocode
(ID:42/ass005) ASSEMBLY Rochester Asssembler for IBM
(ID:43/bal007) BALITAC MIT compiler for the IBM 650
(ID:44/bap001) BAP Basic (or Berkeley) Assembly Programming
(ID:46/l::001) L3 Version 3 of the Bell high level interpreter
(ID:47/bio003) BIOR (Business Input-Output Rerun) Autocode for UNIVAC (UNIVersal Automatic Computer)
(ID:48/bac001) BACAIC (Boeing Airplane Company Algebraic Interpretive Coding) Algebraic system at Boeing
(ID:49/cag001) CAGE (autoCoding At GE) Optimising autocode for IBM 704 developed at General Electric Nov 1955
HoPL IA Rosetta Code
(ID:50/deu001) DEUCE Autocode Autocode for English Electric DEUCE (Digital Electronic Universal Computing Engine)
(ID:51/chi009) CHIP Wright ADC Interpeter for the UNIVAC 1103
(ID:52/com036) Comprehensive MIT Combined interactive and automatic coding system