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This programming language may be used to instruct a computer to perform a task.

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From the article:

FurryScript is a domain specific programming language (mostly for random text generation), also usable (but not very well) for other programming (as esolangs often are), with some strange features compared with ordinary programming languages:

  • The only arithmetic operation is subtraction.
  • Negative numbers cannot be entered directly and can only be achieved by subtraction or type casting.
  • Strings may contain subroutine calls, but these calls are probabilistic and delayed.
  • There are no scalar variables (actually there is one (the input), but it only stores text strings).
  • There are only some kinds of loops, and not most of the common kinds found in other programming languages (although it does have some of them).
  • List variables and subroutine variables can be anonymous, even though they are not first-class objects.
  • There are no conditional blocks.
  • Subroutines may exit "OK", "bad", or "very bad", with different effects depending on circumstances.

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