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introducing myself[edit]

I'm guessing you're Tracy Harms? I'm Dan Bron. I've been making some edits here, but I don't feel like having another account and another wiki emailing me automatically, clogging up my inbox.

So if you change/comment on my contributions, would you mind leaving a note on my comments page on the J wiki?

We could also collaborate on building the J solutions here.

forward difference[edit]

Hello.   I've been trying to make the preamble for the Rosetta Code task   Forward difference   easier to read, with liberal use of whitespace, bigger fonts (for the formulas), and boldface for the A and B lists.   I tried to make the presentation as close as possible to what you intended, however, I'm not sure if the program that was supplied was rendered or entered (typed/copied) correctly.   If you could give it a once-over, and let me know if you see any glaring errors or omissions.   I hope I did justice to your original intent for the task preamble.   -- Gerard Schildberger (talk) 17:31, 20 April 2016 (UTC)