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Hi, welcome to the site. I see you have added several examples for the Slope language. Awesome! Always glad to get new languages represented on the site.

A few pointers. Thanks for taking the trouble to use correct syntaxes highlighting markup for your task entries. In general the output should not be marked as sntax highlighted source code (unless possibly, you are outputting soure code, 🤔). Rather, output should be enclosed in <pre></pre> blocks, and generally should be preceded by a standard {{out}} tag, both to make it easier to find, and to make it easier to parse. The {{out}} tag will render like:


Or you can add a custom message to the tag like {{out|Command response}}

Command response:

Not the end of the word but it makes it easier for automated tooling. Thanks again! --Thundergnat (talk) 00:08, 4 September 2022 (UTC)


Awesome! Thank you for the info. I will go and look for places to fix that in my entries! This is my first time doing much in the way of contibution to a wiki system, so I am still coming to grips with the syntax and available features. Thanks again for the great info and nice welcome :-D --Sloum

Also, not sure if I am supposed to reply here? Or if I use your talk page? Or if a reply just isnt necessary...