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MATLAB codes of Antenna Array Geometry:

The MATLAB code for ULA having spacing of d=0.5 is as below:

% ULA N = 11; % No. of antenna elements d = 0.5; % inter-element spacing elementPos = (0:nelem-1)*d; % ULA

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Likewise the MATLAB code for circular array is as below: % Uniform Circular array i.e., UCA N=9; % No. of antenna elements radius =0.5/sind(180/N); rx = radius*cosd(360*(0:N-1).'/N); ry = radius*sind(360*(0:N-1).'/N); r = [rx, ry, zeros(N,1)]; %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% What is the MATLAB code for 1L array?